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How Twitter Can Help You Create Surprisingly Accurate Buyer Personas

If you're building a marketing strategy, you have to start with your customers. That means building on solid, data-backed buyer personas. But, it can be challenging to build accurate personas. It's often tough to find sources of accurate information, even…
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Email Marketing Best Practices: 33 Questions Answered By The Experts

Email is one of the top performing channels eCommerce sites, and any business in general, can use to boost revenue, AOV, and increase retention and loyalty. But what are the email marketing best practices you can actually use for your…
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Buyer persona hero image

What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is like an ‘identikit’ picture of your ideal customer. It’s a character you create to represent the people who you most want to buy from you. Think of it as a mock-up of your ideal customer. It’s like…
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AMP exists to solve basic structural issues that make the mobile web suck to use.

How Does Google’s AMP Fit Into Your SEO Strategy?

Google rolled out AMP to everyone last August. More than an algorithm update, AMP is an attempt to square the circle of the mobile web and deliver content fast enough that people wouldn't click away from it. AMP results are…
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SEO or blogging?

Should You Focus on Content Marketing or SEO?

Marketing budget decisions involve prioritization. Small businesses face a tough decision when it comes to allocating a small budget to get the best results. But even big enterprises have to focus to survive. When you’re allocating budget, inhouse or through…
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