Should reps be rewarded for actions or outcomes?

Change How You Reward Sales Reps

The only way to motivate sales reps to perform better is to offer them more money, right?


This sounds like it should be the end of the discussion:

The argument for rewarding reps based on outcomes looks something like this: they’re here to make things happen. If they can’t make sales happen, they don’t make quota and they don’t make money over basic. That’s sensible because they’re being rewarded based on the outcomes they achieve, and the business needs those sales to succeed. You can’t keep the lights on with good intent; if you did everything right except cross the finish line before the other guy, no medal for you.

But as common sense as that formula sounds, it’s way off, based on what science and data from sales organizations tells us.

Instead we should be considering different ways to reward reps.

The way goals, process and ownership work are vital to motivation, and money, weirdly, just doesn’t cut it.

So what does?

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