Robots in the office

A Future Without SDRs?

Robots in the office

How will AI affect sales? And will the SDR role survive the coming changes?

In this article for sales technographists Datanyze, I talked about how the sales landscape might be altered by increasing AI involvement:

SDR work combines a high-volume repetitious approach, with job demands that require flexibility, adaptability, and executive function. Making 100 calls a day is something a robot or A.I. can do. But having 10 or 20 meaningful conversations off the back of those calls isn’t, yet. And assessing prospects involves some intuition and thought as well as mechanistic adherence to process.

And argued that while the sales organization will inevitably be affected by AI, it won’t be wiped out, just altered:

So only part of the SDR role can be “replaced.” The part that requires judgment, intuition, flexibility and thought can’t be given to a chatbot. Even the most sophisticated AI can only pass for human under very tightly defined conditions. Something that can barely pass the Turing test for five minutes on a stage is going to suck at objection handling.

In the process, the sales organization will become even more specialized and the lead generation function will hive off from both sales and marketing.

So email, dial and prospecting tools used by SDRs will integrate into a single platform and mesh with CRM on the back end. The separation from sales will be accompanied by a separation from marketing.

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