First screen of a landing page for Shieldox with Philips

Landing page for SHIELDoX – in partnership with Philips

First screen of a landing page for Shieldox with PhilipsHere’s the landing page I wrote for SHIELDoX, in partnership with Philips. Shieldox is AI security software that uses a unique, proprietary object-recognition system to do its own understanding as well as to carry out tasks. What that means for the user is that security levels on documents can be set by SHIELDoX itself. The ‘user’ barely has to do anything. Variable security levels mean that there’s a middle road between ‘easy but unsafe’ and ‘protected but really unwieldy.’ Shieldox/Philips landing page screen 2

Philips got interested and we created a landing page that focuses on MS Office users, leading to a download button for the Windows version of the Skill.

The fourth screen of the Shieldox/Philips landing page

SHIELDoX also offers document tracking, and can hunt up versions of a document created before it was even installed and protect those too.

Shieldox/Philips landing page screen 3

Here, I’m more writing to support the visuals than the other way around – the image showing the user’s view of the SHIELDoX Skill in the Office toolbar is pretty self-explanatory.

Now might be a good time to say that I’m head of marcom at Probot, the guys behind SHIELDoX. Check them out here, or see the SHIELDoX site here.

Finally, SHIELDoX really is a cool product, and you really can download it for Windows here.

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