Homepage hero image and copy for the GoProx.ee website

Website for Bluetooth Low Energy beacon solutions provider startup

Hre’s the website I wrote for GoProx.ee, a startup based in Estonia that offers solutions to businesses based on BLE technology.

Homepage hero image and copy for the GoProx.ee website

BLE isn’t widely known so the site had to both educate and inspire. With an unfamiliar technology, we felt it was important to put the business offering front and center, rather than talk too much about the underlying technology straight away. So this is from the homepage:

Image and copy from the GoProx.ee website going into their offering in more detail.

While it focused on the business benefits, we did also get under the hood a little and talk about how the solutions GoProx provides actually work.

How BLE works section from GoProx site, explaining how bluetooth low energy beacons create opportunities for proximity marketing.

Again, though, we managed to keep the focus on business and the benefits it lets brands deliver to consumers. Ultimately it had to be about the user experience.

Graphic showing BLE network in action

I worked with CEO Janno Järv, rather than alongside the site’s designer, to create the copy. Janno’s background is in software development so he was a great person to help me understand what GoProx does, and we hammered out messaging and branding as well as iterations of the copy over Skype calls and emails before we came up with something we both thought was ready to go.

Check out the whole GoProx.ee website here.

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